Rev. Mark Rudolph Board Secretary

Rev. Mark Rudolph, Board Secretary

Rev. Mark Rudolph

Reverend Mark Rudolph, is the senior pastor at St. John's Anglican Church in Southampton, PA. He has served as a pastor in Pennsylvania, Germany, and Baltimore since 1985. He has also worked for SAT-7, a ministry broadcasting satellite programming into the Middle East and North Africa, as well as helping to prepare men for the ministry in several capacities.

His interest in the law comes from his time as a para-legal for a small law office in Arizona during the early 1980s. His interest in justice comes from the Bible! Mark enjoys serving in a chaplaincy role from time to time in one of the CLCPs clinics.

Mark obtained a M.Div. from Reformed Episcopal Seminary. Mark and Lynn have 5 sons and 11 grandchildren. 

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