What We Do

We invite clients to come to places of safety in their own neighborhood to meet one-on-one with an attorney for a free one hour consultation. Clients are given sound advice, counsel and direction. Often we provide pro-se coaching in matters clients can handle without representation. We offer clients who qualify with a pro-bono or reduced fee referral to one of our referral attorneys. We also offer spiritual care to clients, both at and after clinic, to those who are interested. We try to offer the love of Jesus to everyone, and seek to help them in any way we can. We have become a lighthouse and a bridge in at-risk neighborhoods, a lighthouse they can come to out of troubled waters, and a bridge to a community of hope, that will care for them. We desire to be part of healing and revival in the city, as we bring diverse people together, urban and suburban, from all churches and racial backgrounds, for a common cause.

At our clinics, we handle all types of legal matters including, but not limited to criminal record expungements, wills and powers of attorney.

Our volunteer attorneys also accept referrals from our clinics, speak at community legal education seminars, or mentor younger attorneys. Our non-attorney volunteers provide prayer, hospitality and chaplain services to the clinic team. After clinic, they follow up with client’s personal and spiritual needs and also act as client advocates.

We set lawyers up so that they can have a ministry and make a difference in another’s life, to be advocates, for those who cannot afford to pay them.