Volunteer Opportunities

CLCP has hundreds of volunteers who help in a variety of ways. Our attorney volunteers come to one of our regular clinics, periodically at a special wills or expungements clinic, accept referrals, speak at community legal education seminars, or mentor younger attorneys. Our non-attorney volunteers come to clinic and provide prayer, hospitality and chaplain services to the clinic team. After clinic, they follow up with client’s personal and spiritual needs and also act as client advocates. Everyone has unique gifts which can be employed to help those in need.

We ask every volunteer to complete the appropriate Attorney or Non-Attorney Volunteer form below.



Our attorney volunteers serve monthly at regular clinics, provide consultations at quarterly special wills and expungement clinics, speak at community legal education seminars, mentor younger attorneys, and accept referrals. They make legal practice an emblem of hope and encourage one another in the quest for justice here in the city. Come join a community of inspired attorneys.

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Our non-attorney volunteers bring their expertise to serve clients alongside CLCP. Volunteers provide prayer, hospitality, and chaplain services on clinic night. Afterwards, client advocates follow up with each client’s personal and spiritual needs while graphic designers help build visual connections between the community hosts and clients, attorneys and generous donors. High school students earn community hours through compiling client folders, and a network of CLCP friends spread the good news of God's justice throughout the city and the nation. These are only a few examples of ways to volunteer. Your expertise can become part of the catalyst to rejuvenate the lives of Philadelphia's poor.

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"I am really excited about the opportunity to volunteer at CLCP. I have been praying for God to show me the right place for me to volunteer, and after I left the Hunting Park event that evening [after a Let Justice Roll Tour], I felt peace in my heart that CLCP was it. I really appreciate the work you all are doing for those in need. God bless this ministry." - Thania Basile-Padova, Esq.