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Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA)

DACA requirements and guidelines can be found on the Department of Homeland Security webpage.

This website provide information about what Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals means, and it also provides detailed answers to frequently asked questions about various aspects of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals.


Pennsylvania Immigration Resource Center

This website provides legal service, education, and advocacy information/resources available to immigrants.


Immigration Legal Resource Center

This website provides resources to engage immigrants in mobilizing and participating in issues critical to their communities. It also provides expert technical assistance to immigration law practitioners and community based organizations. The Immigration Legal Resource Center works on focusing on immigration policy reform to strengthen immigrant communities nationwide.


National Immigration Law Center

This website provides information about policy analysis, litigation, education and advocacy for immigrants. The resources found  on the website serve to defend and advance the rights and opportunities of low-income immigrants and their family members.


Immigrant Defense Project

This website provides resources for immigrants and their loved ones and advocates. The Immigrant Defense Project provides litigation, policy, practice, and know-your-rights materials designed to help those dealing with criminal-immigration issues. They also provides training for criminal defense bar, service providers, and immigrant communities.


National Immigration Project of the National Lawyers Guild

This website provides legal and community resources to help immigrant communities anticipate and respond to government enforcement actions and raids.  There is also information on how to obtain help for Criminal & Deportation Defense, Victims of Crimes, including Intimate Partner Violence and Workplace Crimes, Raids and Immigration Enforcement, and Defense of Political Rights.


Pennsylvania Immigration and Citizenship Coalition

This website provides member organizations and the general public with high quality resources about immigration in Pennsylvania and other related topics. It also provides access to information and resources received through participation in national networks and coalitions.

PICC engages in advocacy and education on behalf of immigrant communities, but does not provide individual legal services. Here a link to the list of Board of Immigration Appeals recognized organizations.

List of Board of Immigration Appeals Recognized Organizations and Accredited Representatives.


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