Germantown Legal Clinic

The Germantown Legal Clinic's operating hours are the second Thursday of every month from 5pm until 8pm.

Clinic lawyers at this site help with legal issues in the fields of housing, wills and estates, family (including custody and support), criminal records expungements, contract disputes, and civil litigation matters.

To schedule a free consultation with the clinic coordinator, please call (215) 399-0064 ext. 111 or Click Here.

The Germantown Legal Clinic is located at 5430 Pulaski Ave., Philadelphia, PA 19144.

The Germantown Legal Clinic, opened in 2015, is a collaboration between CLCP and Canaan Baptist Church.


About our Host Ministry

Canaan Baptist Church is a fellowship that is Christ and Word focused, and it provides worship and holistic care to its family members while seeking to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ to meet the needs of the local and broader community.

For more information, please visit Canaan Baptist Church.

If you would like to schedule a consultation please call (215) 399-0064 and select your closest clinic location or click here