Legal Clinics


An initial consultation with a clinic attorney is free. These consultations are most effective in providing legal advice or connecting you with other legal resources throughout the city of Philadelphia. Representation can sometimes be secured, either through a clinic attorney who volunteers his or her time or through a referral to another attorney within our network. Low-cost referrals can sometimes be arranged if free representation cannot be provided.

  1. If you need representation and desire a clinic lawyer to represent you in a pending matter, please gather the following information before scheduling a consultation:
  • The number of people living in your household for whom YOU are financially responsible.
  • Your income (either weekly, monthly, or annually)
  • If there is a husband, wife, or significant other who helps pay the bills for your family, we will need to know their income (even if they don’t live in your house).
  • If there is any other person or organization that contributes to your family, we will need to know the amount they give you.
  • The name of the person (or company or organization, etc.) with whom you are having a dispute (known as the “adverse party”).
  • An address and/or a phone number for the adverse party.
  • If the adverse party has an attorney, we need to know the attorney’s name and phone number if it has been given to you.

2. Choose a Clinic

We have several clinics located in different parts of the city. Choose the clinic site most convenient for you from our clinic map below, each link will take you directly to the selected clinic page where you may schedule a consultation either online or by calling our office.


If you would like to schedule a consultation please call (215) 399-0064 and select your closest clinic location or click here