Volunteer Spotlight: John Visher

JVThis month we want to celebrate John Visher, one of our new volunteers in 2015. John Visher loves Jesus. And he loves helping people. He wants to serve Jesus as a lawyer. All of which make him the perfect volunteer. John recently retired from the Navy after 28 years of service in Japan, where he met his wife Kaoru. John has returned to his hometown of Philadelphia and has been eager to help out our clients in every way imaginable. He has come to our regular clinics not just once a month but many times a month, and is always willing to dive in and solve the client’s problem. He has a wide range of experience from his years as an officer in the Navy’s JAG legal assistance program and knows how to handle immigration, criminal, family, tax and estate planning. John has come to our special Wills clinic, Expungement clinics and to many of our other events as well. And he speaks fluent Japanese.

Thanks John, you are a true servant.

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